The heart of the Hotel Brunelleschi

The love for beautiful things

June 20, 2016

My passion for my job in the world of tourism is born from an early age. I attended the Hotel School and I has been a crescendo to the many variables that our work give us and for the opportunity to meet people from different realities.

I am a member of the association “Les Clefs d’Or”, which requires a minimum of 5 years of experience as a concierge in hotels with at least 4 stars. Belonging to an association also means understanding its history, what has led to the need to create this “network”, the principles which held the founders and bring them along, adapting to current times…I mean a lot of passion, it starts from there. To become “Clefs d’Or” is not the arrival, but a step in a process that is built day by day.

I really care to family life and as long as I am at home, they attract all my thoughts. I move by train every day and this allows me to create a bridge over which to think about how to organize the day of work.

When I get to work it is like when the referee whistles the start of a football game. Even though many are routine operations (as we discuss we check emails, how many arrivals and departures we will have), it is never the same thing, and the day already takes a turn for the better or worse fold. I really like to listen to all the reports of my colleagues and I try to imagine the new guests from their descriptions to be attuned to their expectations and their desires.

The city where I work is for me a pride for the riches it contains.
I do not think that Florence has secrets not revealed. About Florence it has said anything and everything. I would say that my job also consists of try to understand why choose Florence, what are the interests of the visit and from there, begin to exchange one’s thoughts with the Guest.
For those visiting Florence for the first time, also for a walk in the centre, visiting a museum or a garden will captivate him enough to force him to come back…

The Hotel Brunelleschi is located in the heart of the city, hidden among architectural masterpieces. It is a pleasant, friendly hotel where you can feel the history and ambition. It is a pleasure for me to try to convey the love for beautiful things.
Besides having cosy rooms with a style that could be called “neo-Renaissance”, the Hotel Brunelleschi incorporates the oldest building still standing in Florence. Its hidden, but central location, makes accessible the visit of the city even with a short stay.

Then, when you know it, it is hard not to come back!

Sergio Iannotta
Clefs d’Or concierge at the Hotel Brunelleschi

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