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The Palazzo Strozzi in Florence

November 9, 2011

The Palazzo Strozzi is the venue of artistic and cultural important events that take place in the city of Florence. This beautiful building of the Renaissance is located in Piazza Strozzi, between Via Strozzi and Via Tornabuoni, with three identical doorways on three sides. It is located in the heart of the historic centre of Florence, between the shopping streets and close to the main monuments of the city. It is easily reachable on foot from the Brunelleschi Hotel in a few minutes.

The Palazzo Strozzi, events and exhibitions

Every year, the Palazzo Strozzi is the venue of important exhibitions that host international masterpieces. To remember the exhibitions “Cézanne in Florence. Two Collectors and the 1910 Exhibition of Impressionism” in 2007 and “Picasso, Miró, Dalí. Angry Young Men: the Birth of Modernity” in 2011. The Palazzo Strozzi also offers a wide range of exhibitions and other cultural activities, it has given life back to the the Courtyard with a bar/caffetteria, comfortable seatings, wireless internet and a full program of events. The aim is to set up exhibitions that should be a pleasure, not a duty, and organize events and activities dedicated to families and young people and paths for the partially-sighted people.
The second Thursday of each month, the Palace is open until 23:00 and offers a full evening of programs and activities dedicated to art and creativity with a program that changes from month to month. For families there are specific captions and interactive mountings to involve youth and adults, differentiated audioguides for all age, the suitcase for families to carry out an autonomous and playful path in the spaces of exposure, a full program of activities and a special Family Ticket with which you can return to the Palazzo Strozzi whenever you want!

The Brunelleschi Hotel and the Palazzo Strozzi

The Brunelleschi Hotel is located just 400 meters walk from the Palazzo Strozzi. Thank to this closeness this four-star Hotel in Florence periodically offers packages dedicated to art and exhibitions of the Palazzo Strozzi, with exclusive advantages for its guests. The Hotel is located in Piazza Santa Elisabetta, a few meters from the Cathedral of Florence and situated within the ancient Torre della Pagliazza. In addition to its comfortable rooms recently refurbisched it also offers two restaurants: the “Restaurant Santa Elisabetta” and the “Osteria della Pagliazza”. If you are passing through or you want to stay the night in Florence, the Brunelleschi Hotel awaits you with its many offers.

Book directly online at the Brunelleschi Hotel and discover the exciting events of the Palazzo Strozzi!

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