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The Renaissance dream in Florence

September 2, 2013

These are the last days to discover the amazing exhibition The Renaissance dream at the Palatine Gallery Galleria in Palazzo Pitti open until 15 September 2013. Then the exhibition will move to the Luxembourg Museum in Paris from 7 October 2013 to 26 January 2014. We invite you to live a dream holiday at the Hotel Brunelleschi, 4-star hotel in the heart of the historic center of Florence, with cozy and historical rooms and suites fully renovated.

The Renaissance dream in Florence at the Pitti Palace

This exhibition will offer visitors a chance to explore a theme as absorbing and as fascinating as the Renaissance Dream, shedding light on its richness and variety. The theme of the dream was considered to be of particular importance in ancient mythology and in the culture of the Renaissance, as shown by its widespread popularity in the figurative arts, particularly in works of religious art or in connection with the rediscovery of Classical mythology. Whether prophetic or premonitory, illustrated with famous stories from the Old Testament (Joseph explaining the dreams of Pharoah, Jacob’s dream and so forth) or from visionary hagiography (the dreams of Constantine, St. Francis, St. Ursula and so on), the dream presents itself first and foremost as a manifestation and a revelation of a different world. It also displays, in a secular sense, the speculative and inductive potential that it offers the human mind; it transfigures daily life and reveals its erotic dimension; it plays a valuable role in the theory and practice of art, which focus just as much on dreams as they do on literature, philosophy and medicine.

The Renaissance dream in Florence with the Hotel Brunelleschi

The Hotel Brunelleschi is the ideal starting point to visit the beautiful sections of the exhibition at the Palatine Gallery, located just 13 minute walk from the hotel, easily reachable through the oldest and most fascinating streets of the city of Florence. Take advantage of a stay in the amazing suites with views over the Brunelleschi’s Dome or with particular furnishings as the round bed in the Pagliazza Tower Suite and in the Deluxe Room Executive Panorama, the Jacuzzi in the bathroom and in the terrace as in the Pool Suite and enjoy the wonderful cuisine of chef Simone Bertaccini at Osteria della Pagliazza or at Santa Elisabetta Restaurant.

We wait for you for The Renaissance dream in Florence!

The Renaissance dream in Florence

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