The Month's Recipe

The Rice Cake by Chef Simone Bertaccini

October 24, 2011

Here is the recipe that this month our Chef Simone Bertaccini proposed to all gourmets. You can enjoy these specialities at the Brunelleschi Hotel, where you can find two restaurants: the Restaurant Santa Elisabetta which serves Italian cuisine and the Osteria della Pagliazza that offers typical dishes of Tuscan tradition. Both restaurants are located within the ancient Torre della Pagliazza in Piazza Santa Elisabetta, at few steps from the Duomo and the shopping streets of the historic centre of Florence.


1,8 l fresh milk,
16 eggs,
500 gr refined sugar,
1 glass of three liqueurs: 1 / 3 of sambuca, 1 / 3 of brandy, 1 / 3 rum,
500 gr rice,
one grated orange zest,
one grated lemon zest,
one lemon juice,
butter and refined sugar for baking dish.

Cook rice in unsalted water and let it cool. Boil the milk with the grated orange zest, beat the eggs with sugar and the grated lemon zest, drain and filter the milk and add it to the eggs. Grease the baking dish and sprinkle with refined sugar. Place them over the cold rice and laid it out well on the bottom. Join the mixture of milk and eggs. Finally, bake it at 160° C for about an hour and a half. When cooked, it should have the density of a crème caramel.

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