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The Springtime of the Renaissance on display in Florence

February 8, 2013

The Springtime of the Renaissance. Sculpture and the Arts in Florence 1400-1460 will be on display in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi from 23 March to 18 August, 2013 and then it will continues at the Musée du Louvre in Paris from 23 September 2013 to 6 January 2014. The exhibition is curated by Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi and Marc Bormand and it aims to illustrate the origins of what today is called the “miracle” of the Renaissance in Florence, through sculptural works of art: the art that first has expressed itself. What better time to celebrate the arrival of spring than with a holiday in Florence dedicated to art and culture? The Hotel Brunelleschi, with its fully renovated rooms, is just five hundred meters from the place of the event.

The Springtime of the Renaissance on display in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi

At the exhibition there will be exposed no less than 140 masterpieces from the period 1400 to 1460, a period of maximum splendor of the town of Florence so as to give it the name of “Cradle of the Renaissance”. They are well-known works. It will be possible to admire sculptures that come from major museums such as the Boden of Berlin and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The best-loved artists of the time they will all be: Ghiberti, Brunelleschi, Masaccio, Piero della Francesca, Filippo Lippi, Donatello and many others. The exhibition will be open every day and can be visited from 9 to 20 (Thursdays from 9 to 23). The ticket has a cost of € 12.50.

The Springtime of the Renaissance on display in Florence from March 23 to August 18, 2013

At the Hotel Brunelleschi you will find all the comfort you want. The choice is among a wide range of rooms and suites, many with stunning views of the majestic Brunelleschi’s Dome. You will live an unforgettable stay in an extraordinary location, immersed in the history of one of the oldest buildings in the city of Florence. From our official website you will find many offers and the best rates available online, with free internet Wi-Fi included in the price. For a holiday dedicated to art and culture we suggest you the Firenze Card, which gives you access to 30 museums, historic buildings and gardens of the Florentine area besides the use of public transports.

We wait for you to the Springtime of the Renaissance on display in Florence!

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