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The windows by Galileo Chini in hotel

December 3, 2014

Today we bring you to the discovery of one of the artistic wonders of the ‘900 located inside the hotel: the Liberty style windows by Galileo Chini. The word Brunelleschi itself has always been synonymous with art and culture, a reference that leads our mind to advance into territories of knowledge and history. A special feature that we find in our 4-star hotel in Piazza Santa Elisabetta. Besides being an elegant and luxurious building, the Brunelleschi is one of the many pieces that make Florence among the most interesting cities in the world. The cradle of the Renaissance is an incredible concentration of artistic treasures hosted in museums, palaces and churches. But alongside these traditional vehicles of art, tourists can find great works even in unexpected places, such as markets, hospitals and, of course, hotels.

And our Brunelleschi is no exception, thanks to the rich load of history preserved inside it. The hotel contains several ancient buildings, like the Tower Pagliazza and the premises of the former Church of San Michele in Palchetto. And among those, there are works dating back to the Liberty period.

And today, our journey takes us right in the Liberty Hall, a welcoming and scenic room embellished with windows decorated by Galileo Chini between 1907 and 1911, drawing inspiration from the world of flowers.
On the left of these windows we can admire the depiction of exotic birds laid on thin branches with white berries and golden apples. On the right, bunches and leaves hanging from an imaginary pergola. Colours and lines that blend well with the sobriety of the interiors designed to make unforgettable your moments. It is not a coincidence that in the hall of the structure are organized banquets and events, weddings and christenings in addition to the breakfast service.
Enjoy the beautiful stained Liberty Style windows during your next stay at the Hotel Brunelleschi. Live with us a journey through history.


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