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The woman who makes the numbers

August 22, 2016
chiara leggerini

I was born in Como. I live in Florence for almost two years. I have a degree in Science of Tourism at the University of Insubria in Como. After graduation I started an internship in Milan in an international chain, NH hotels, within the Revenue office and after a period of 6 months I started working as Revenue Specialist and get into the heart of the hotel’s revenue management. In 2013 it began my work as Revenue Manager always in this company, dealing with hotels in various Italian cities.

In October 2014 I arrived in Florence at the Hotel Brunelleschi. Since the day of my first interview I found a hotel extremely charming, full of history and elegance, in fact we are talking about one of the most important and renowned hotels of Florence.

After the high school I decided to pursue a university career that would allow me to form me in tourism, because my dream has always been that to run a business tourist. I am 28 years old and I still have a long road to do, and I find very exciting my work at the Hotel Brunelleschi, but also dynamic and that it allows me to learn more and more. My favourite thing about my job at the Hotel Brunelleschi is that I can “live” the hotel in almost all aspects, despite my work is “behind the scenes”.

I deal with tariff planning and sales strategies in order to maximize the revenue of the hotel. It is a new professional figure that until a few years ago booze only in large hotel chains. Today even the little hotels have understood the importance of proper analysis of the market and the search of the sale price. Then, my job is about back office, analysis, management of various types of customer and distribution but it is not in direct contact with the final customer, nevertheless I often find myself in relation with my colleagues in the front office to collaborate at best to give the customer an unforgettable experience at the Hotel Brunelleschi, the so-called “value for money”.

My job is very challenging and dynamic, especially in a city like Florence, where the accommodation capacity and competition are very high. The Brunelleschi Hotel is a guesthouse of great value and for that reason you need commitment and accuracy to ensure that the distribution network of available rooms is constantly updated and to never lose sales opportunities.

I still feel a tourist in Florence and is a feeling that I like, because every time I walk along the streets I breathe an almost magic atmosphere. You can see the history, art and beauty in every corner. I like that the city is so concentrated, I could walk around and I like the fact that around is surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes.

I think that the Hotel Brunelleschi is a unique structure and it is able to give its guests an unforgettable experience. As soon as you enter the lobby you can feel an enchanted atmosphere and the stay is made even more special thanks to the attention of the staff, the high standard of the restaurants without forgetting the beautiful rooms with attention to detail. For a truly unique stay I cannot recommend one of our suites, overlooking the Duomo. In my point of view, the Pool Suite, with Jacuzzi on the terrace and the Pagliazza Tower Suite, at the apex of Byzantine tower that characterizes the Hotel Brunelleschi are jewels in which live a dream experience.

Chiara Leggerini
Revenue Manager

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