Things to See and Do in Florence Italy

Things to Do in Florence: our bucket list for your pleasure

June 28, 2018
things to do in Florence Italy

No matter how long you are going to stay in town or who you are going with: there are several must-do activities that give meaning to a simple visit to Florence. Here are Hotel Brunelleschi’s recommendatiosn that will give you an unforgettable holiday.

1) Brunelleschi’s Dome and the Cathedral

The major landscape mark in Florence, a true symbol of the city and renowned worldwide, the Cathedral and its Dome, a work of art created by the architect Filippo Brunelleschi in the first half of the XV Century, it is enriched inside by stunning frescos.

2) Uffizi Gallery

One of the largest art collections of the planet is located right in the heart of Florence: the Uffizi Gallery hosts an incredible number of masterpieces, hence it represents a unique heritage concerning Italian culture and history.

things to do in Florence Italy

3) Boboli Garden

This would be the perfect example of an Italian style garden,, as well as one of the largest ones. Boboli Garden is located in and around a hill and nearby the ancient building of Palazzo Pitti.Here visitors will find plenty of cultual events, as well as a relaxing Oasis.

4) River walk

Florence is a magic city also thanks to its river: the Arno river. Its flow allowed the city to become a main economic, political and cultural centre, and it provides nowadays a beautiful sight, mainly alongside its bank and from the ancient bridges that cross it. In addition, it is terribly romantic a view by night.

5) Delight your mouth

Visiting a city might mean to explore it through every sense we possess. Taste is, of course, a main feature whilst visiting Italy and, particularly, the Tuscan region. Strong though well-balanced flavours are the main character here in Florence. The traditional dishes come from basic ingredients, whose quality is often excellent. If you want to try some regional delights, Osteria Pagliazza is a renowned reality for its quality and for the ability of mixing tradition and innovation.

things to do in Florence Italy

6) Everything is better with a glass of wine

The region is also famous for its unique wine production: Chianti’s region and the surroundings of Florence thrive with vineyards: this is the true blood of the Tuscan region.

7) Outdoors getaways

Renting a car and drive towards Siena or Arezzo is surely on the list of things to do while you are in Florence and will offer you amazing landscapes: the area’s countryside is marked with sweet hills and country villas that make of it a true postcard view.

8) Expositions

The city lives on art and culture: this is why keeping an eye on upcoming exhibitions taking place in town can be a way of appreciating the city’s atmosphere even without having to stick to the more popular attractions.

9) Shopping

Local products are sold in old-style boutiques and unique artifacts can be found in the centre and in the main marketplaces, where time seems to have stopped centuries ago. Through the main streets of the city centre you will find also the main fashion shops, in order to mix tradition and modern life.

10) Pagliazza Tower

Last but not least, a visit to the oldest building in Florence is compulsory: why not having a drink inside its charming walls or spend the night in one of the gorgeous suites that it hosts? Hotel Brunelleschi can give you this opportunity and many more in order to make your stay here unforgettable.

Florence Sightseeing

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