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Things to See and Do in Florence Italy

What to see in Florence Italy: the proposals of the Brunelleschi Hotel for itineraries to discover Florence. All the proposals, special offers and indications to visit the historical centre of Florence in all its beauty.

Find out with us what is Florence Italy known for: the most significant places in the city, each with its past and its great history. Stroll through the alleys trampled by the great authors of literature, let yourself be fascinated by the works of art and architecture created by great artists, these are just some of the top things to do in Florence Italy.

What should you see in Florence Italy? A stay in Florence can undoubtedly give you great emotions: things to do in Florence Italy are truly endless. Artistic, literary and culinary itinerary just to name a few. Among the best things to do in Florence Italy: let yourself be carried away by the charm of Florence, discover the most exciting places to visit: from the historical houses of the Medici to the church where Dante fell in love with Beatrice, passing through the Vasari corridors of the Uffizi.