The traditional Tuscan Christmas menu includes a number of dishes that cannot be missed on the holiday table.

Over time, gastronomic offerings have changed in Tuscan homes, depending on tastes and dietary needs, but some dishes remain in the Christmas tradition of families.

First among them are crostini con paté di fegatini: a bread bruschetta (a slice of unsalted toasted bread) served with a cream made from chicken livers. These livers are cooked with oil, onion, celery, carrot, white wine, capers and anchovy fillets.

In some cases the bread is soaked in the broth rather than toasted.

The Tuscan Christmas menu continues with homemade pasta cooked in meat broth. In the past taglioni pasta or other short homemade pasta, today mostly tortellini or cappelletti stuffed with meat (which are not part of the Tuscan tradition but are perfect to make in broth).

Then among the Tuscan Christmas dishes is roast meat baked with sage and rosemary and served with baked potatoes or seasonal vegetables. It can be chicken meat but also guinea fowl, thrush or pigeon.

In seaside areas, on the other hand, a delicious fish soup called caciucco is prepared.

The Tuscan Christmas menu cannot fail to end with delicious traditional sweets such as panforte (a phase cake made with dried and candied fruit), ricciarelli (cookies made with almond paste and sugar) or the classic cantucci, cookies with almonds to be enjoyed by dipping them in a sweet wine called Vin Santo.

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Christmas dishes by Chef Rocco De Santis

With Chef Rocco De Santis’ menus for the holiday season, you will enjoy incredible taste experiences. Tradition meets the most innovative cooking techniques in extraordinary tasting dishes designed especially for Christmas and New Year.
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