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Unusual Florence

November 25, 2011

“Unusual Florence” is a fascinating initiative created by the “Quartiere 1” to make know the city by focusing on its alternative aspects. The project aims to enhance the environment through the identification of unusual things and, therefore, “unusual”. But they reveal many pleasant surprises because they are the least visited parts of the city, but more typical of many others. All this comes thanks to the collaboration of many local groups and associations. And the best way to be carried away by the wonders of Florence is to choose a destination for an excellent stay. You can find it in the comfort and prestige of the Brunelleschi, the 4-star Hotel located in Piazza Santa Elisabetta, and therefore, right in the heart of the Tuscan capital.

Discover the offers of the Brunelleschi for Unusual Florence

“Unusual Florence” will capture the attention of lovers of culture and history until December 24th, 2011. The exhibition is divided into 5 sections: Florence of children, Florence of the Spirit; Student spirit of Florence, Florence yesterday and today, Florence of the Crafts. Each of them has its own specific characteristics, and all together they will permit you to make an exciting journey through the folds of the Florentine society of yesterday and today. “Unusual Florence” will give you the opportunity to learn about the different religious communities in the district (Quartiere 1), to discover the Florentine handicraft, to connect past and present by means of culture, to rediscover the typical student spirit of the place. A special area is dedicated to children, where they will learn about traditions, peculiarities and characteristics of the city through theatre, games, music and festivals.

Experience the exciting Unusual Florence with the Brunelleschi Hotel

Unusual Florence” is an itinerary that will capture you, letting you admire the lesser known aspects of the territory. The best way to complete your journey is to stay at the Brunelleschi. This is because our 4-star hotel is an example of history, art and culture lowered inside the city. It is your link with the extraordinary aspects of the event. In addition, you do not have to giving up  any of your comfort, because the Brunelleschi is a witness of style and class, enriched with the luxury of the rooms and enriched by the extraordinary  location in which it is dropped. Let you carry away from “Unusual Florence” and enjoy it by staying at the Brunelleschi Hotel.

The charm of Unusual Florence meets the timeless magic of the Brunelleschi Hotel

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