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Vasari, the Duke Cosimo I and the Uffizi Museum

July 29, 2011

From June 14th to October 30th 2011, in Florence, at Uffizi Gallery, it will be possible to visit the exhibition in honor of Vasari, a 16th century man, the favorite artist of the House of Medici.

Brunelleschi Hotel with 4 stars in the historical centre of Florence is the perfect location to dedicate a day to art, as it has inside a private museum with finds found during the renovation of the hotel. Brunelleschi Hotel is located close to the Uffizi Gallery, ideal to enjoy the city of Cosimo and, of course, of Vasari.

The Brunelleschi Hotel and the Uffizi in the centre of Florence

The topic of this exhibition is the foundation of the Uffizi Museum in Florence. A building originating from the collaboration between the ruler Cosimo I and Vasari, in which the government institutions are merged. Art in the 16th century Florence: hence the name Uffizi (Offices). The building is a piece merging the ancient and the new city: it merges in one organism the Palazzo Vecchio, seat of the government, and Palazzo Pitti, uniting and impressing on the city the physical presence of Power.

A jump in the 16th century Florence

The Uffizi structure is completed in the last floor by the loggia where the ancient statues collection of the Medici family is located. Why the Uffizi became a museum? The reason has maybe to be found in the past centuries, when the Uffizi began to host more and more works of art. The exhibition regards first of all the personalities who are closer to this building: Vasari and Cosimo I. It highlights the urban structure of the city before the Uffizi, the stages of the design and building and the construction of Vasari. The monument, during the exhibition, is analyzed in every particularity and feature: and in these things the talent of Vasari is evident.

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Hotel Brunelleschi

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