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The vegan menu at the Hotel Brunelleschi

September 14, 2011

During last years, veganism, a new philosophy of food, has met a tremendous evolution and diffusion, announcing the birth of a true vegan menu. Lovers of veganism choose a nutritional style that excludes meat and fish, but also dairy products, eggs and milk, and generally any product that involves animal exploitation for its realization. The Brunelleschi Hotel in Florence Centre, with the proposal of the vegan menu, has always been attentive to desires and tastes of its customers, arriving ahead of time and becoming a true leader of an innovative trends, characterized by a healthy diet, nourishing, and respectful of the animal world.

The new vegan menu of Brunelleschi

The menu prepared by our skilled chefs is already available from September 1, both in the halls of the Restaurant Santa Elisabetta, and at the most typical Osteria della Pagliazza. The real objective of the staff is to propose an haute-cuisine offering, able to satisfy the palate, tastes, needs and style. Our vegan menu offers delicious and tasty dishes, as the cruditées of vegetables and fruit; the timballino of Eggplant, tomatoes and tofu with basil pesto; grilled Seitan with zucchini and walnut sauce; carpaccio of pineapple with ice cream.

The vegan menu meets haute cuisine of Brunelleschi

The vegan menu proposed by our hotel is the recognition of a social trend, marked by particularly strong cultural implications, built in England in 1944. To date veganisim lovers are about 4 million worldwide, and even 600,000 in Italy. So the veganism is more than one type of diet, is a lifestyle by deep ideological bases. The Brunelleschi’s and the Osteria della Pagliazza vegan menu are two examples of a new way to approach to food.

Savor the flavours of vegan menu at the Brunelleschi Hotel in Florence Centre!

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