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Vie Romee in Florence

June 4, 2012

Old emotions, worship, devotion and spirit of travel intersect in the extraordinary Vie Romee in Florence, itineraries that in the past sought to connect the capital of Tuscany with Rome to allow pilgrims to reach the Eternal City. To these true symbols of Italian cultural history is currently dedicated a festival that has helped to rediscover it, provoking a deep attention and the emergence of many initiatives. The Vie Romee in Florence allows you to take part in a series of paths of unique value, able to penetrate in the historical, artistic, naturalistic, gastronomy and cultural, with the rediscovery of traditions and ancient crafts who project us back in time, to medieval times.

Vie Romee in Florence, an exciting journey

The Vie Romee in Florence embody an itinerant philosophy, moved by the slowness of the journey thus becomes the occasion of knowledge of particular worlds. The project is promoted by the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and includes the provinces of Florence, Arezzo and Siena. Six ancient roads will be explored: the urban route of Florence, Via Bolognese, the Via Sanese and the Via Pisana – Francigena Nova, the Via Aretina and the Strada dei Sette Ponti, completely passable on foot. To the Vie Romee in Florence is dedicated also a special festival, held from June to November aimed to adults and children. Participation to the different itineraries with a specialized guide is only possible by booking.

Vie Romee in Florence, an exciting experience in the history of the area

The paths of Vie Romee in Florence represent an original way to approach to history and culture of one of the most sensational glimpses of Italy. And the best way to approach to this exciting opportunity of knowledge is to stay at a cozy and comfortable 4-star hotel such as the prestigious Brunelleschi, located in the heart of the city of Florence, in Piazza Santa Elisabetta. Immersed in the charming Torre della Pagliazza, the oldest in the area, it is a real concentrate of elegance, thanks to the rooms and suites, attractive spaces and the enveloping atmosphere. The proximity to the major symbols of the place allows you to comfortably admire authentic pieces of the great mosaic to which also belong the Vie Romee in Florence.

Vie Romee in Florence, meeting between cultural and tradition

Vie Romee in Florence

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