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White night in Florence 2014

April 29, 2014

It’s arriving the White Night in Florence 2014, one of the most awaited events by the entire city, adults and children, ready to pour down in multiple places of the territory to have fun until late at night. The appointment is on Wednesday, 30th April when we can take advantage of the next day of rest, 1st May, for staying up late and live fully the many events planned in the centre as well as in the periphery. The White Night in Florence 2014 will enjoy the artistic direction of Gianluca Balestra, director of the Teatro Cantiere Florida, in coordination with Angela Torriani Evangelisti and Laura Croce, with the organization of the Associatione Muse.

White night in Florence 2014, a lot of events not to miss

The White Night in Florence 2014 is this year in its 5th edition, and it will have as its theme “The city continues”. It is a clear reference to the vision of the group of radical architects, engaged on the Florentine territory in the late ’60s. The goal is to give life to a city that is able to go beyond the limits and barriers, by evolving the concept of space and conceiving the city fabric as a big square open to discussion and dialogue. And the White Night in Florence 2014 pursues all this through the organization of exhibitions, conferences, shows, music, theater, concerts, side events, involving associations and ordinary people. All in museums, palaces, squares, streets and institutions.

White night in Florence 2014, fun never ends

But the White Night in Florence 2014, in addition to proposing new themes, also follows patterns already proposed with great success, such as the night opening of shops and boutiques, which will allow the public to make shopping even in a non-conventional hours. An event of great social and cultural significance, through whom to share the joys and emotions with lots of people. A perfect occasion to spend a pleasant holiday in the city, taking advantage of the feast of the 1st May and enjoying the comfort of Brunelleschi. The 4 star hotel is located in the heart of Florence, with rooms and suites, a restaurant, a tavern and many other surprises.

White night in Florence 2014, ready to live a unique experience?

White night in Florence 2014

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