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World Bach Fest in Florence

February 13, 2012
World Bach Fest in Florence

The World Bach Fest in Florence will become the absolutely city protagonist in the evenings from Friday 9th to Sunday, March 11th, 2012. Thus, also Tuscany will host an event of absolute charm and high-impact, able to combine past and present through the music of one of the greatest classics authors of all time. The World Bach Fest in Florence is an event that combines the notes of the German composer with new technologies, because it is in the global village of Facebook that was born the group “Friends of Johann Sebastian”, an idea of his greatest living interpreter, the Iranian Ramin Bahrami and the Italian Mario Ruffini. Thus, it was born a three day full of surprises, to better enjoy by staying in the total comfort of the Brunelleschi Hotel, in Piazza Santa Elisabetta in the heart of the city.

World Bach Fest in Florence, timeless emotions

The World Bach Fest in Florence is an innovative project aimed primarily at young people that, starting from the world of social networks wants to spread the knowledge of a symbol of music history in the world. The event will be featured by a series of meetings, coffees, conferences and other opportunities, hosted by many monuments and famous landmarks such as the Salone dei Cinquecento at Palazzo Vecchio, Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and the Odeon Cinema, where to listen the beautiful creations of the composer. The World Bach Fest in Florence is so music, but also the seventh art, with the appointment to the Odeon cinema for the night JSB, a competition for short films of 114 seconds on the theme of Bach, with their projection, a film collage with music by Bach and other full-length movies. Do not miss the concert of Ramin Bahrami and his meeting with Vinicio Capossela for an “impossible interview with JSB, the voice of silence”. All events and concerts are completely free, just register at the reception desks (at a cost of € 1.00) to obtain a badge for access to appointments.

World Bach Fest in Florence, the perfect combination of sound and joy

The World Bach Fest in Florence is a unique opportunity to combine fun, culture and holidays with an immersion in one of the most beautiful and fascinating city in the world. Your corner of paradise is the Brunelleschi, the 4-star hotel located in the heart of Florence, a few steps from the main centers of the weekend devoted to Bach. Elegant and stylish, this hotel celebrates the perfect marriage between ancient and modern, offering a luxury structure located inside the historic Torre della Pagliazza, the oldest in the city. The views from the rooms on the Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Piazzetta del Giglio or Via dei Calzaioli will win you immediately, leaving you speechless. What else are you waiting for? Come to the Brunelleschi Hotel for the World Bach Fest in Florence.

World Bach Fest in Florence for a memorable stay at the Brunelleschi

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