Hotel Brunelleschi recommendations for a 100% Tuscan Experience through the markets in Florence

When it comes to visiting Florence, people usually tend to head towards the most famous attractions in town. Undoubtedly, those museums, churches and galleries are extremely fascinating and should definitely be included into each one’s plans when it comes to sightseeing. You can’t really tell to have had a complete tour of Florence if you haven’t been mesmerized by the beauties hidden inside the Uffizi Gallery, nor if you haven’t been struck by the greatness on the Cathedral, with the magnificent Brunelleschi Dome standing out, a typical view of Florence’s landscape.

However, those buildings and masterpieces are just a part of the city’s soul, typically the most “touristic” one. In any case, if your desire is to discover this city through a different perspective, closer to everyday life and local habits, you have to look less at the huge buildings and more towards the narrow streets of the city centre: this is where Florence thrives with life thanks to the many typical markets scattered around the ancient town and in its outskirts. Those are the venues where to find everything you might want, from clothing to antiques, passing through souvenirs and, of course, food.

So let’s start from the very centre of Florence, where you will probably have your hotel room: the first market you will meet is, undoubtedly, San Lorenzo’s Market. This is the main market in town, surrounding the old San Lorenzo’s church. Here you will find leather products such as bags and coats, as well as other clothing items and a huge variety of souvenirs. If you want to taste some exceptional tuscan products, the Central Market is located just a few steps from San lorenzo. A wide choice of groceries, bread and much more is sold in this covered market. In addition, if you cannot resist to gluttony’s temptations, the streets between the two markets host uncountable small shops, wineries and taverns proposing tasty yet simple local products.

Other interesting markets are the pittoresque Flower Market near Piazza della Repubblica, the Fierucola Market where local farmers bring their biological products, the fascinating Antiques Market in Piazza vittorio Veneto. If you want to explore true local markets, then you should head towards the messy and colourful Mercato delle Cure, located in Piazza delle Cure. Last but not least the Flea Market in Piazza dei Ciompi is extremely famous and hosts a huge variety of antiques and curious items full of history and traditions.

A charming visit deserves, of course, a charming stay: thanks to Hotel Brunelleschi you will be able to overnight in a fascinating location and be surrounded by the unique atmosphere typical of the birthplace of the Renaissance. Besides the warmest welcome and the flawless service of a 4-star Hotel, Brunelleschi proposes many different offers and deals in order to make your stay here special and unforgettable – the best way to experience the true heart of Florence on your skin.


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