Whenever you decide to come visit Florence, there’s a part you can’t really miss: its own special cuisine and delicious tastes. Everything paired with the uncomparable local wines

If you have planned a trip to Florence, that might be mainly because of the beauties of this timeless city. An incredible inheritance from the past, made of museums, fascinating locations and exhibitions is always on show here and they should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Among the wonders this city can offer we find, of course, Santa Maria Del Fiore Cathedral, Basilica of Santa Croce and Ponte Vecchio. But there’s another attraction that comes up while visiting Tuscany and Florence, and it is served directly on your table.

Apart from satisfying your eyes, Florence is also rich of gastronomic culture in order to delight your taste: tipical cookery from this city is a delicious way to explore its very background and take a different dip into its history and magic.

Eating in Florence is a unique experience: the tradition offer extremely tasty yet simple dishes, mainly based on the high quality of the ingredients coming from the surrounding countryside.

Pappa al pomodoro is the traditional tomato and bread soup, a good and extremely tasty dish realized with basic ingredients such as garlic, olive oil, chili pepper, tomato pulp, and stale bread: an explosive combination.  Finally, a main character on tables and one of the best food choices in Florence would definitely be fiorentina steak: top quality ox meat, thick and luxuriously tasty, grilled for a few seconds and served rare and soft.

Another important feature of modern cookery in Florence concerns innovation: a mixture of the tastiest dishes and ingredients coming from an ancient tradition, served in a reconceived version in front of your eyes.

What are then those great places where to eat in town? If you want a unique experience, then Restaurant Santa Elisabetta is the perfect choice. A unique luxury restaurant where chef Giuseppe Bonadonna plays with traditional ingredients, mixing classical recipes with fresh inspirations and offering you a most delicious experience.

Settled inside the precious Hotel Brunelleschi, a hotel in the centre of Florence, this restaurant is the ultimate location for an exquisite lunch or dinner in the heart of this city, as well as for a good glass of Tuscan wine, surrounded by a fascinating atmosphere and the magic that this place possesses.

If you wish to spend the first wedding night in a hotel suite in Florence, you might want to offer yourself and your guests an exclusive present in a romantic and special venue. For this purpose, Hotel Brunelleschi turns into an amazing location for a new couple and helps you celebrating your wedding in an exquisite frame. You can benefit of our wedding services, such as wedding planning and the help of our chef in creating a tasty buffet. Finally, you will rest in one of our exclusive suites and rooms, just the perfect nest for the newly married couples.


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