The best way to discover a land from its very roots: wine tours in Florence and Tuscany bring you through the blood flowing in the veins of this region. Hotel Brunelleschi’s tips for choosing your perfect beverage

A rich land with one of the most ancient traditions concerning wine and viticulture, Tuscany flourishes with some the best vineyards in the world. Producers of many different dimensions are scattered all around the countryside and provide excellent bottles to our tables that will be a delight to wine-lovers mouths.

Being the beating heart of the region, Florence is undoubtedly the best place where to try the best local beverages: collecting the products from the surrounding lands, its streets thrive with cellars, winehouses and restaurants where to taste the finest samples and have an unforgettable journey thanks to wine tours organized in Florence and all over its hilly and sweet area.

Furthermore, the culture that has developed around this beverage has involved a growing attention towards the atmospheres in which the tasting experience takes place; hence, the care offered to the guests and designs, decorations and architecture have become a complementary element to culinary tours.

Hotel Brunelleschi knows the importance that a special atmosphere can provide to each sense while drinking excellent wine: none of them should be forgotten, every detail contributes to add value to the experience itself. This, of course, starting from the choice of the products. The hotel in fact offers a unique ambiance to its customers, as well as the expertise of Maitre Alessandro Recupero, that will lead you through a journey amons amazing tuscan tastes.

The hotel provides an exclusive wine tasting experience in the heart of Florence and, furthermore, in one of the oldest buildings in town: Torre della Pagliazza is a unique venue where to drink your favourite wines or participate to a tasty happy hour in one of the most exclusive locations in town.

Hotel Brunelleschi, ideally located just a few steps away from the main square, with an amazing view on the Brunelleschi’s Dome, is the perfect place where to spend your nights for an unforgettable experience in Florence. From here, the most famous attractions are easily reachable, and you’ll be able to taste Tuscan culinary and wine specialities directly in your hotel in the city centre.

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