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The Church of Dante and Beatrice

January 18, 2017

History and passion meet in the Church of Dante and Beatrice

Walking down the streets of Florence, from Via dei Calzaiuoli to the home of Dante Alighieri, we come across a veritable immortal monument for all lovers: the Church of Dante and Beatrice. Really, the real name of the holy place is that of “Chiesa di Santa Margherita de’ Cerchi”, a small chapel which, over the years, has been witness to an only desired love. The structure was built during the eleventh century, even if subsequently it underwent several transformations. The Church of Dante and Beatrice refers to the Cerchi’s family, that from 1353 held the patronage. In the interior, there is a fine altarpiece of the Madonna and Four Saints with Saints Lucy, Margaret, Agnes and Catherine of Alexandria by Lorenzo Bicci.

Church of Dante

What makes the Church of Dante and Beatrice a unique place is the story that it encloses. Right here or along the road that leads to the structure, in fact, Dante and Beatrice had the opportunity to meet, even for to only exchange a quick glance. Dante lived just twenty meters from the Church, while Beatrice went there because in it were buried members of her family. Most likely, then, they knew right here, in the place that today is called “the Church of Dante and Beatrice”, spectator of a sublimated love, wanted, wished, but never realized. And still today, on the tomb of Beatrice (on which, however, there are some doubts), we find numerous letters of prayer by young people in love who ask to Beatrice not to lose or regain their lost love.

Church of Dante

Church of Dante and Beatrice opening time

The Church of Dante and Beatrice is open to the public for free from 8 a.m, to 12.30 a.m; from 17 p.m. to 19 p.m.

Church of Dante

The Church of Dante and Beatrice is just 100 meters from the hotel Brunelleschi, the perfect point of reference in Florence for a relaxing and fun holiday. The structure is particularly attractive, thanks to its particular location. In fact, the hotel is located in the Tower of Pagliazza, the oldest still standing in town which houses inside it an interesting museum with numerous artifacts discovered during restoration works. Although highly respectful of the original building, the hotel is a symbol of luxury and comfort, thanks to the atmosphere enveloping the strong professional staff, with the many services, outstanding cuisine and absolutely breathtaking views of famous landmarks. The perfect choice when visiting the Church of Dante and Beatrice.

A place of immortal love: the Church of Dante and Beatrice

church of dante

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