Palazzo Strozzi is the venue for important artistic and cultural events taking place in the city of Florence. This splendid Renaissance building is located in Piazza Strozzi, between Via Strozzi and Via Tornabuoni, with three identical portals on three sides. It is located in the heart of Florence’s historic center, among the shopping streets and close to the city’s main monuments. It is easily reached on foot from Hotel Brunelleschi in a few minutes.

Palazzo Strozzi, events and exhibitions

Every year Palazzo Strozzi is the venue for major exhibitions featuring international masterpieces. Of note are the exhibitions “Donatello, the Renaissance” in 2022 or “Anisch Kapoor” concluded in February 2024.

Until July 21, 2024, Anselm Kiefer’s “Fallen Angels” exhibition is scheduled.

The Palace also offers a wide range of exhibitions and collateral activities, has revitalized the Palace courtyard with a café, comfortable benches for sitting, wireless internet connection, and a comprehensive program. The aim is to set up exhibitions that are a pleasure, not a duty, and to organize events and activities dedicated to families, young people and paths for the visually impaired.

Every second Thursday of the month the Palace stays open until 11 p.m. and offers an evening full of events and activities dedicated to art and creativity with a program that changes from month to month. For families, there are specific captions and interactive displays to engage adults and children alike, differentiated audio guides for adults and children, the family suitcase to take an independent and playful route through the exhibition spaces, a rich program of activities, and a special Family Ticket with which you can return to the exhibition as many times as you like!

Hotel Brunelleschi and Palazzo Strozzi

Hotel Brunelleschi is located just a 400-meter walk from Palazzo Strozzi. Precisely because of this proximity, the 4-star Hotel in Florence periodically offers packages dedicated to art and exhibitions at Palazzo Strozzi, with exclusive benefits for its guests. The hotel is located in Piazza Santa Elisabetta, just a few meters from Florence Cathedral and situated inside the ancient Torre della Pagliazza. In addition to its comfortable, recently renovated rooms, it also offers two restaurants: the Santa Elisabetta Restaurant and the Osteria Pagliazza. If you are passing through or would like to stay overnight in Florence, Hotel Brunelleschi awaits you with its many proposals.


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