A charming and magic experience in a beautiful 4 star hotel in the centre of Florence

Hotel Brunelleschi is a 4 star hotel in the centre of Florence: the heart of the city represents a mix of culture, mystery, trade and religion and is full of wonderful churches, charming corners, museums and monuments famous all over the world.

Florence is a unique place thanks to an incredible variety of priceless wonders: just a few places in the world can be proud of such a rich history and an intense, particular and fascinating past. The district where this 4 star hotel is located was once owned by Filippo Brunelleschi, hence the hotel’s name: the Brunelleschi Hotel rises just in the shadow of the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore, designed by Brunelleschi himself. Over the years, the neighbourhood has benefited from extensive and authentic transformations.

An excellent example of this will to preserve the historical side of the building is Torre La Pagliazza, a former prison that embodies the cultural soul and the history of the Brunelleschi Hotel: situated right in the heart of the town, peerless in its kind, it towers above the block where it was built around 1500 years ago. This part of our 4 star hotel, which literary dives into the ancient times of Florence, hosts one of the most wonderful suites of the Brunelleschi Hotel.

Chiesa di San Michele, also called “il Palchetto” or “Palchito” because it is built on an upper platform, stands within the byzantine city walls around the Tower. In this charming scenario, history and innovation intertwine thanks to our 4 star welcoming ambiance, extremely cosy and luxurious at the same time.

Choose the Brunelleschi Hotel: all the staff of our 4 star hotel will be glad to welcome you in the centre of Florence.

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